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Author:Wenzhou Hongshuo Machinery Co., Ltd.

The fast food boxes currently in use are basically manufactured by plastic fast food box machines. As the catering industry that mainly uses this kind of plastic boxes, it can be said that with the development of fast food boxes, the takeaway industry has developed rapidly.  Everyone knows that takeaways need outer packaging. From the previous plastic bag packaging to the current fast food box packaging, it can be said that it has been fully developed in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. Here is an introduction to the standard situation of disposable plastic boxes in recent years.  Disposable lunch boxes are classified according to different materials: plastic lunch boxes, paper lunch boxes, starch lunch boxes, plant straw lunch boxes, etc., and their respective standards are not the same.   

Take our usual disposable plastic lunch boxes as an example. As early as December 1, 2009, the new national mandatory standards related to the general technical requirements for plastic disposable tableware were formally implemented. This is the first time in my country. The formulation of national standards for non-degradable plastic tableware puts an end to the chaotic state of non-degradable disposable plastic tableware that has no national unified standards to follow in the past, and reduces the trouble that each enterprise must formulate enterprise standards.   

Therefore, manufacturers of disposable plastic lunch boxes must not only obtain QS production licenses, but the quality of their products must also meet the requirements of the standard before they can be called qualified disposable plastic lunch boxes. These standards are currently designed and manufactured through the mold of the lunch box machine.