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Author:Wenzhou Hongshuo Machinery Co., Ltd.

When applying the paper stick machine, everyone must master the operation mode of the paper stick machine, so how to operate it? Let us take a look.

Paper stick machines can be classified into spiral paper stick machines, scoring paper stick machines, and pagoda paper stick machines according to the processing technology of the paper tube factory. There are also laser tube cutting machines, tube reeling machines, capping machines, fine trimming machines, as well as intelligent CNC machine tools, spiral paper stick machines, and program-controlled spiral paper stick machines. How to carry out the safe operation of the paper stick machine?

At present, with the continuous development trend of high and new technology, paper stick machine products have also obtained unprecedented improvement. First of all, the characteristics of the paper stick machine have become more and more excellent, and the automation technology and intelligent system have also been unprecedentedly improved. This has caused many people to be unclear on how to operate the paper stick machine correctly. Before the application of paper stick machinery and equipment , A detailed inspection should be carried out on the components of the paper stick machine. Pay attention to whether electrical equipment and power switches are good, whether the wiring of household appliances is insulated, whether screws and screw caps are tightened, whether safety devices are safe, and fill grease at each oil point, and open the air to run 1 After 2 minutes, the machine and equipment can be operated normally. The machinery and equipment of the paper stick machine must be undertaken by professional staff, and it is forbidden for others to embezzle it at will.

When the paper roll machine is working, it is forbidden to place workers, cards, measuring instruments and other dirt in various positions of the machine tool. Workers are not allowed to leave their posts privately during operation. When cutting paper, if the natural ventilation machine is used to cut the paper, the aspect ratio of the laser tube cutting machine in the paper tube factory should not exceed 125mm, and according to the specifications, use a flat iron to fix it. The machine tool only cuts paper, and cannot cut other boards. The two should operate on top of each other and should cooperate with each other. When working, it is forbidden to put your hands under the pressure iron and the cutter head to avoid cuts. If a special paper cutter is used, it is forbidden to reach into the rotating mandrel to avoid crushing injuries. When performing sanding, pay attention to avoiding the trouser legs from rolling into the paper changing shaft; when adjusting the machine tool, pay attention to the sandpaper wheel to sharpen your hands.