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Author:Wenzhou Hongshuo Machinery Co., Ltd.

Nowadays, many people encounter many problems when using the paper tube machine, so before using the paper tube machine, we need to know how to use the paper tube machine rationally. 

 (1) Before construction, you must prepare the necessary equipment and materials mentioned in the technical preparation work, and timely transport the installed paper tube machine mechanical equipment to the site for inspection, disassembly, cleaning and lubrication.   

 (2) Unpacking inspection of paper tube machine equipment.    

 (3) Paper tube machine disassembly, cleaning and lubrication.    

 ① Cleaning the paper tube machine. After the equipment is unpacked for inspection and disassembly, the applied anti-rust agent, internal residual iron filings, rust, and dust accumulated during transportation and storage must be cleaned up before assembly.    

②Lubrication of paper tube equipment. Lubrication can be carried out only after the internal and external parts of the equipment are cleaned. Lubricating oil must be tested and determined to meet the requirements before it can be used. Lubricating oil must be  It must be filtered, and the oil added should reach the specified oil mark position; all lubricating parts and oil holes should be filled with lubricating oil.